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Independent Naps Webinar Replay

In this webinar discuss biologically normal infant naps by age as well as provide you the tools to start transitioning your little one to independent naps.  I also provide different sleep set up options for doing independent naps. 

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Returning to Work Webinar Replay

Going back to work is a very emotional time as a new mom, I've been there.  I've created this webinar in order to help you feel calm and confident about your return to work. In this webinar I will arm you with the all of tools you need before beginning your transition back to work. 

Sleep in Months 5-8 Webinar Replay

In this webinar I will discuss what normal infant sleep looks like in months 5-8.  I'll touch on nighttime sleep, naps, common sleep challenges at this age, the 6 & 8 month sleep progressions, and what is NOT normal in infant sleep.

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