Feeling like you need some guidance on your little one's sleep but you don't need 1:1 support?
You're in the right place! I've carefully curated and created my workshops on common infant sleep challenges & goals.  All of my workshops are based on biologically normal infant sleep as well as attachment needs. 

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Independent Naps Workshop    $28

In this workshop I discuss why your baby loves contact naps as well as give you all the tools to start transitioning your little one to independent naps. I also dive into baby temperament and how a baby's temperament affects how they respond to changes. This workshop includes a 17 page workbook that accompanies the video lesson, a in-depth guide on baby temperament, and a guide on switching sleep associations.

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Back to Work Workshop     $28

Going back to work is a very emotional time as a new mom. I've created this workshop in order to help you feel calm and confident about your return to work. In this workshop I give you all of tools you need before beginning your transition back to work. I cover choosing a daycare or caregiver, preparing your child for the transition as well as having a plan at home to make the transition as smooth as it can be.

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Night Weaning Workshop       $32

In this workshop I give you all the tools you need to night wean your little one in a gentle & respectful way. This workshop is designed for babies 12 months and older and can be used for weaning breastfeeds or bottle feeds.

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