What's it like to work with me?

No matter which package you choose, I will always have you fill out an intake form (for email and 1 hour calls it is a mini intake form).  This intake form allows me to get to know you, your baby, your lifestyle, sleep needs, goals and desires.  It also helps me identify any red flags that may need to be addressed before we can start our work together.  Once I've reviewed your intake form we will have our initial consult (email or video call depending on the package you have chosen).  During this consult I will ask further questions that weren't addressed in the intake form.  From there we will come up with a sleep plan that works for you and your family AND also respects the attachment needs of your little one.   

Follow up and check-ins depend on the package you have chosen. 

Don't feel the need for one on one support?

If you don't feel the need to work one on one but are needing guidance, I have two amazing eBooks that I have created just for you!

I also offer two monthly webinars on rotating topics.  If you aren't able to watch the live webinar you are able to watch the replay. 

Why I don't make guarantees about your little one's sleep

No baby is the same.  Every baby has a unique temperament and unique sleep needs.  Babies are human, so I can never guarantee exactly how a baby is going to sleep.  Biologically, it is normal and healthy for babies to wake at night in the first year, and for some babies well past the first year.  In guaranteeing that a baby will sleep through the night, I would be ignoring and disregarding biologically normal infant sleep.  While I can't and won't guarantee your baby will sleep through the night, I will work with you to come up with solutions that will maximize sleep.  


I offer multiple plans and packages to work with me. 

When you work with me, you get one-on-one customized help and support.   

Mini Email Support Plan

This plan is perfect for mamas who find themselves wanting to DM me on instagram to ask questions about their little one's sleep.  It's a great way to check in for quick suggestions or reassurance.  

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1 Hour Call

This call is perfect for a family that would like some guidance or suggestions, but doesn't feel the need to have any follow up support.  

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2 Week Support Plan

This package is ideal for a family that is looking to make changes to their little one's sleep with support along the way or for families who have more challenging sleep concerns. 

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Additional Hour Call

This is for someone who has already worked with me in a 2 week support package, 1 hour call, or mini email consult and would like further support or has further needs.  This can be a video call or a phone call. You choose!

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