2 Week Support Package

2 Week Support Package


This package is ideal for a family that is looking to make changes to their little one's sleep with support along the way.  

This  package includes: 

*An in-depth intake form 

*Video on attachment

*Video on emotion

*Other resources pertinent to your sleep needs (articles, handouts, etc)

*A 60 minute video call where we review your intake form, I provide sleep education and we create a sleep plan for you and your family based on your needs and your baby's needs.

*Detailed notes from our call emailed to you, so that you don't have to do any writing during the call

*Two weeks of support after our initial call.  This includes email check-ins every other day from the day of our initial call.


Before purchasing this package, please schedule a FREE 15 minute consult with me.  This will allow me to get to know your sleep needs and make sure that this package is right for you!