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What bedsharing looks like in our home

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

If you follow me on instagram (@lilahbysleep), you know that I post A TON about bedsharing.

Our happy place

So, I wanted to give you a little behind the scenes look into our home as to what bedsharing looks like for us.

As Lilah has grown, it has looked different for us at different ages. She didn't start sleeping in bed with us until around the 4 month mark when the wonderful 4 month progression hit(if you know, you know). It was move her into bed with us or be up every 1-2 hours. I chose sanity and sleep. So at that point, I was very conscious of having no sheets or comforters up around her. I stayed on my side in a curled up position to facilitate nursing but also to create a mama protective barrier around her.

As she has grown, things have obviously become more lax. Sometimes she sleeps ON my chest. Other times she spreads out and takes up most of the bed. It's her world, we just live in it. And other times, she snuggles up to her daddy.

What has not changed is that we don't leave her in bed alone. Although our mattress is very close to the floor, I'm still afraid she would move and look for me and fall off the bed.

So how does that work?

If I need to do something at night, my husband will stay in bed with her while I do what I need to do. Once I've done what I need to do, I come back to bed. Some nights my husband and I will watch a movie together using our laptop and wireless headphones. Most nights, now that my husband works nights, it's just me. So I try to do everything I need to before bedtime. Of course I get out of bed to get water or go pee, but I never leave for a long time. She obviously goes to sleep before me, so once I'm in bed, I use the time for me. I watch a series, read a book (thank you warmlight book light), catch up on instagram, or work a little. I try not to work because this is obviously my "me" time and I try to preserve that.

In addition to nighttime sleep, Lilah also naps in our bed. This only started around the 12 month mark. Before that I wore her for naps.

But now that she naps in bed, I simply nurse her to sleep. Once she's asleep I work on my laptop or phone in bed.

Bedsharing is a commitment but I wouldn't change it for the world! It gives us sleep, allows us to stay close to our baby girl and also provides a sanctuary for her.

I understand bedsharing is not for every family but it is what works best for our family!

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