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Spring is Here! I've made you a list of our favorite spring books to celebrate!

Some people love winter, some people love summer. I don't LOVE either. I love the in-between time, both spring and fall. There is something so special about the changing of seasons. Especially spring. There is a newness in the air that just feels like a new start. It's so invigorating to have longer days, hear the birds chirping, see the sun melting the snow and just feeling spring in the air. Spring just puts me in a better mood. What about you?

In celebration of the first day of spring, I am sharing our favorite spring books with you!

The Honeybee

I just bought this book for Lilah, and I am SO glad I found it. It is by far my favorite spring book we have. The colors are beautiful and the illustrations are simple yet stunning. It tells the story of a honey bee in a lyrical yet very educational way. I'm not sure who loves it more, me or Lilah.

and then it's spring

I bought this book for Lilah last year and it was a little too advanced for her at that age (8 months) because of the paper pages. This year it is perfect for her and we have already had so much fun reading it. It is very simple, yet beautiful and it describes the coming of spring in such a fun and childish way.

Planting a Garden

I love all Lois Ehlert books and this book does not disappoint. Her books have the best rhythm to them while also being very educational. This book makes you want to run to the gardening store to start your own garden with your little one!

Waiting for Wings

Another Lois Ehlert book because like I said above, her books are wonderful. This book walks you through the life cycle of different butterflies with beautiful and realistic pictures. If your LO is older and you like connecting activities to books, Safari LTD makes a butterfly life cycle that you could connect to the book.

Hello Animals, Where Do You Live?

This book isn't actually about spring, nor does it reference spring, BUT I included it because with the warmer weather coming soon we will all start seeing more animals. It's a great introduction to animals for your little one. The illustrations are beautiful and realistic and the words are simple. It is perfect for young babies and toddlers.

Little Blue Truck's Springtime

We love all the Little Blue Truck Books so I had to buy the springtime book. While the words and rhyming isn't as great as the other Little Blue Truck books, I would still recommend this book. The illustrations are bright and colorful and totally pull you into a spring loving mood and it has flaps that your little one will love to open.

Spring in the Forest

This book is part of the Lift-a-flap book series which we love. The book isn't very long so it's great for a little one with a short attention span. It also has flaps to lift which is always fun for little ones. I absolutely love the colors and illustrations of this book.

Feathers for Lunch

Another Lois Ehlert book because her books just really are that good! This cleverly worded book takes you on an adventure with a hungry cat who is on the loose. Just like her other books, in addition to being a beautifully worded book, this book is educational and teaches about different bird species.

Worm Weather

I just ordered this book, we haven't gotten it yet, so I can't 100% say that I recommend it BUT, I have heard wonderful things about it so I wanted to share it in this list.

What are your little one's favorite spring books? Comment below!

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