Bedsharing Must Haves

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Bedsharing has been our life for the past 14 months. Along the way I've found things that work and things that don't work. From a safety perspective, baby should never be alone in your bed, so this means you are spending a significant amount of time in bed, making it necessary to have a good set up so that you are comfortable too!

So what are my go to items that I recommend to any family that is going to bedshare?

Here it is, Mama! I have linked all the items at the end of the blog!

Wireless earphones- My way of winding down at night is watching TV.

In order to not wake Lilah, I watch TV on my laptop with wireless earphones. These are my number one item because they allow me to watch TV, listen to podcasts, listen to Insta stories/reels, and so much more. They also allow Bruno and I to watch movies and TV together in bed, which as you know if you bedshare, it is very hard to find quality one on one time with your partner! He puts one in and I put one in. We always used to watch TV or

movies together before bed, before Lilah, so I love that we can still do this!

Bluelight blocking glasses

Honestly, I would recommend them to any mama that watches TV before bed at night! Bluelight has been proven to disrupt melatonin production which affects sleep. And as tired mamas, we ALL need to be practicing good sleep hygiene in order to maximize the sleep that we do get!

Water I know, I know, water is a no brainer. But, I put two glasses of water on our bedside table before bed so that I don't have to leave Lilah in bed to get more water. It is so important that we are taking care of ourselves. Hydrate Mama!

Clip on bluelight blocking reading light

I love to read and the only time I can find time to read is while Lilah is asleep. I obviously can't turn a bedside light on, so a reading light has been AMAZING!

Knee Pillow

If you know, you know! Bedsharing can be a back and hip KILLER! Especially when baby is still little and you want to stay curved around them all night! Having a pillow between your knees keeps your hips and spine in alignment so you don't wake up sore!

Salt Lamp

I like to have some light in the bedroom at night to be able to see, but I obviously don't want too much light. A salt lamp is great because it's not blue (stay away from blue night lights, they affect melatonin production) and you can adjust how bright it is. It's also a great way to keep the lights dimmed during your bedtime routine!

Snacks, snacks, snacks!

In the early days when baby is waking frequently, it's so important to have snacks next to you to munch on when you get hungry! As baby gets older, you might not be waking as often, but I always, inevitably get hungry right after Lilah falls asleep and I don't like leaving her in bed to get a snack. It's nice to have something easy & QUIET (haha) to snack on next to the bed.

What are some bedsharing must haves for you that I haven't listed? Comment below!

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