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Wake Windows, Sleepy Cues & Naps Guide


*New Release*

In this 17 page guide I give you all of the information you need about wake windows, sleepy cues, and naps.  This guide includes average wake windows by age, common sleepy cues, education on routines vs schedules and information on naps and nap transitions.  Includes a tracking log to get to know your baby's sleepy cues and wake windows! You'll walk away from this guide feeling confident about knowing your little one's sleepy cues and daytime sleep needs. 

This guide is designed for babies 4 months and up. 


Your Complete Guide to Transitioning Baby to Their Own Sleep Space


Looking to transition your little one to their own sleep space, but wanting to do it in a way that respects your baby and their attachment needs? Then this is for you, Mama! In my eBook, I provide you with the information you need to transition your little one into a floor bed or crib for naps and nighttime sleep.  I also give you different options for doing so. This eBook includes a quick step-by-step guide to transitioning out of bedsharing. This eBook is designed for baby's 6 months and older.

*Recently Updated*

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Your Go-To Guide On Sleep Progressions


Sleep progressions can be such a challenging and stressful time for new parents.  I created this 15 page guide as a way to help you understand what is going on in your little one's life that causes sleep progressions as well as provide you with ways to manage and cope during this time.  In this ebook I provide detailed information on the four, six, eight to ten, twelve, eighteen, and twenty-four month sleep progressions.  

*Recently Updated*

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