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My Story

I'm Brittni,  also known as Mama to a highly sensitive, spirited, and amazingly fun 2.5 year old daughter. Early motherhood was not as enjoyable as I would have liked it to be because I was constantly anxious about my daughter's sleep, following all the "rules" and having the "perfect" schedule.  I felt society was telling me one thing and my instincts were telling me the complete opposite.  Society was telling me to let my baby cry, my instincts told me to respond to every cry.  Society was telling me that my baby needed to sleep "independently," my instincts were telling me that there was nothing wrong with helping my baby fall asleep.  I could go on an on about the conflicting messages I was receiving, but I'll save your time, because I'm sure you have heard all the other things society was telling me.  

One day I decided to listen to my inner voice, shut out all the outside noise that went against everything that felt right, and just follow my baby and my instincts! It was so freeing.  I realized that I knew my baby better than anyone else and my instincts were telling me what felt right because it was right.  Motherhood completely changed for me in this moment.  I stopped worrying about all the "shoulds" and warnings that I was hearing and realized that the only thing that mattered was nurturing and developing a deep and attached relationship with my daughter.  

I'm passionate about parenting in a way that respects and honors who my daughter is.  I've read and researched gentle parenting, respectful parenting, conscious parenting, and mindful parenting.  I don't subscribe to one style of parenting but rather I rely on one guiding factor.  How would I want to be responded to if I were my daughter?  Although very simple, it is so important to really treat our children with the same respect that we would wanted to be treated with.  I use this passion for parenting with respect in my work with families as well.  

My Training
Certified Baby-led Sleep and Well-being Specialist 
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