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Hey, Mama! My name's Brittni.  I'm a Certified Holistic Infant Sleep Specialist. I help families deepen their relationship with their little one(s) all while getting more sleep without any form of sleep training. My practice is based on sleep science, connection, attachment, and relationship.  I take into account the whole family (their needs, lifestyle, desires, etc) in order to help them come up with solutions that benefit everyone.

I don't believe in a one size fits all approach. I believe that every family is unique and every baby is unique.  What works in one home may not work in another.  I respect family dynamics and goals and will only provide solutions that fit with your goals and desires. 

I also believe that infants and children deserve the same respect that adults do.  Because of this, I will never recommend anything that encourages  separation or ignores the needs of your baby.

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What working with me looks like

No matter which package you choose, I will always have you fill out an intake form.  This intake form allows me to get to know you, your baby, your lifestyle, sleep needs, sleep set-up, goals and desires.  Once I've reviewed your intake form we will have our initial consult via Zoom.  During this consult I will ask further questions that weren't addressed in the intake form.  From there we will come up with a personalized sleep roadmap that works for you and your family AND also respects the attachment needs of your little one.   

Follow up and check-ins depend on the package you have chosen. 

No baby is the same.  Every baby has a unique temperament and unique sleep needs.  Babies are human, so I can never guarantee exactly how a baby is going to sleep.  Biologically, it is normal and healthy for babies to wake at night in the first year, and for some babies well past the first year.  In guaranteeing that a baby will sleep through the night, I would be ignoring and disregarding biologically normal infant sleep.  While I can't and won't guarantee your baby will sleep through the night, I will work with you to come up with solutions that will maximize sleep.  

Why I don't make guarantees about
your baby's sleep

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